Rooted In Wellness

Being a Black-owned business committed to inclusivity for minority women, it was also important for us establish a safe and sacred environment specifically tailored for Black women, as our experiences are often left on the back burner. 

We've introduced Rooted in Wellness with the specific aim of crafting events exclusively for Black women, focusing on holistic Afrocentric self-care.

These events serve as a haven where Black women can feel not just safe, but truly acknowledged and empowered. It's more than just a venture; it's a heartfelt initiative dedicated to nurturing the wellness and empowerment of Black women through curated experiences and workshops.

Rooted in Wellness: Holistic Self-Care for the Afro-Caribbean Soul " is a transformative experience designed to reconnect women of the diaspora with their cultural heritage while nurturing their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Through guided activities, discussions, and practices, attendees will explore holistic self-care approaches that are deeply rooted in Afrocentric wisdom.


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